China Garden Greater Kailash Part 2


  • 5 Star

    One word " AMAZING " this is the word I would choose to describe my experience at China Garden. From the service to the ambience to the amazing preparations this place is AMAZING ! One must try the crispy lamb and the pork spare ribs..it is out of this world !

  • 5 Star

    Totally amazing ! Preparations, customer service, decor etc etc best place to dine.

  • 5 Star

    Perfect venue for a perfect dinner with friends. Could not have had a better experience. The drinks, the company, the conversation and of course the delicious food all was perfect. Must mentions are the soya wine fish, dim sum fish and the butter prawns. Just fantastic.

  • 5 Star
    Syed Yusuf Nauman

    Excellent food as always. Barry helps you with his recommendation on starters and main course. Undoubtedly the best Chinese in delhi. Keep it up!

  • 5 Star
    SIMI Ni

    This is one beautiful restaurant, the interiors are shades of grey and red and all comes together very well creating an almost perfect ambience. Had our corporate dinner here tonight and we were all very impressed with the food and especially the services. The staff are very well trained and served us really well throughout the meal. The dishes we ordered were also very delicious. I particularly loved their kung pow chicken and their hunan fish it was outstanding.

  • 5 Star

    The food is brilliant and the service is exceptional...celebrated my birthday here tonight and everything was just perfect ! The staff were really accommodating but the best part was that the food was delicious. Really enjoyed !! Happy birthday to me :)

  • 5 Star

    I have eatean at all the Chinese restaurants worth dining at in this city and I can honestly say that for the quality of food, service and ambience the china garden At Gk is the best value proposition in Delhi. The Food is just fantastic, the staff are always happy to serve you and the ambience is exquisite with the tables far apart from each other giving you just the right amount of privacy. Thumbs up all the way.

  • 5 Star
    Reetika Sarkar

    My husband and I headed to this place for dinner to celebrate a special occasion and we had a great time. The ambience is nice with good music playing in the background. We were quite happy with the service and the staff was friendly and attentive.

    Coming to the food, it appealed to our taste buds and we really liked the duck that was served.

    This place is now in the list of my favorite Chinese restaurants. Would love to visit more often!

  • 5 Star

    Absolutely brilliant food ! The menu offered here is extremely different then the other Chinese restaurants that crowd the city. The food offered here is original and delicious. The staff are very polite and professional you can tell that time is definitely being invested in their training. As far as their ambience it is very warm, modern and spacious. The table are far from each other allowing for much need privacy. Price wise it is absolute value for money. I expected to pay twice the amount i actually ended up paying. You basically cant go wrong dining here.

  • 5 Star

    Mind blowing food and very classy decor. The place is a bit noisy and crowded but that is also kool in a way as it has a nice happening feel to it. Would love to visit again and again especially for those amazing smoked prawns ( also the yummy soya fish :)

  • 5 Star

    Mouth watering food and rich atmosphere is all that i can say about this posh place. Everything here is of high quality, from the amazing food to the amazing service. Worth a visit.

  • 5 Star
    Gaurav Singh

    Had dinner here with my family to celebrate my sisters birthday and this is my take on China Garden. Fantastic !! is one word to best describe our experience. The staff welcomed us warmly and served us well even though our guests all arrived at separate times. I was a bit surprised to see that the despite it being a tuesday night and the IPL semi-finals the place was absolutely packed ....i mean waiting on a tuesday night !? i guess Delhiites really do know their food. The food was amazing probably the best prawns i have eaten in the city ( chinese style ) their one dish the Soya wine fish really did it for me :) simply brilliant ! Havent tasted anything like it and the best part of the entire evening was is the price..absolute value for money !! Food= twice as good as any five start hotel at 1/4 the price..now you cant beat that. Will be back very soon for sure.

  • 5 Star

    Mindblowing place. as you enter you can see that you are in a special place. This is not just any regular restaurant. There is detailing all over the place...from the silk napkins to the customized table cloths, one can tell that a lot of care has gone into quality here. The food..even better cooked to perfection ! Each and every dish specially their gin chicken and their smoked prawns and soya chilly fish. Lastly their staff, amazing trained and cooperative. Could not ask for more. This restaurant sets the standard for restaurants to follow.

  • 5 Star
    Rahul Gupta

    Great food always. One of the Best Chinese Restaurants serving authentic Food. The service is excellent...Mark, Debasish and full Team are wonderful. Can never get bored or fed up eating here ever.

    Must try
    1) soy chilli fish
    2) sapo chicken
    3) American chop suet
    4) crispy aromatic Duck
    5) string chicken
    6) Hakka chicken
    .......and list goes on

  • 5 Star
    Kajol Sawhney

    This is one very busy restaurant ! When we first entered we couldnt help but notice the buzz of people having a great time.the ambience is very classy and comforting...you can really feel that you have arrived somewhere. The staff are all dressed in red and greeted us well. The menu is nothing like the other Chinese restaurants in delhi. It is Original and very innovative. We ordered their steamed wontons, chilly pork, pepper chicken, olive fish and some teppanyaki noodles. The food was outstanding ! Especially the chilly pork and the olive fish as i havent had anything like it before. So 5 star service 5 star food and 5 star ambience so 5 stars !

  • 5 Star

    This place is not just a restaurant but a institution. This place has been around for the longest time as still it has managed to maintain the quality of food and services. I have literally grown up eating here and especially cannot do without my Teppanyaki prawns. Have to at visit here or order from here once in ten days. The food is seriously addicting.

  • 5 Star

    Am definately taken back by the size and the high end interiors of this particular China Garden. I could easily have mistaken entering a five star hotel or something as the entire ground floor of this restaurant is dedicated to a lobby which as i found out first hand last night is primarily  been used to house the long list of people waiting for a table. The place is definately done up tastefully and the staff as the other china garden are very sweet and hospitable. No the food it is definately at par if not better then their mumbai counterpart. The mun chow soup was definately better here while the soya wine fish, teppanyaki beef and their chow chu  prawns were just as good as any other China Garden. In short this one too lives up to every bit of China Garden's reputation. Was a fan and still am !

  • 5 Star

    A high end place that delivers. The food is great, staff are courteous, and the ambience is perfect ! Totally worth visiting.

  • 5 Star
    V Pandey

    One of the most amazing restaurants in delhi. Fine dining at its finest. We celebrate most of our occasions here. Past three valentines days has been her in China Garden. You always know what your going to get and you always get what you know and at the end of it the bill doest pinch you.

  • 5 Star

    Fantastic chinese food ! Definately one of the best in the city. My favourtie is the barbeque roasted pork and the aromatic honey chicken. Yummm !

  • 5 Star
    Hitesh Rana

    My uncle took us here for dinner to celebrate his anniversary and was really stunned after entering the place as it has an amazing aura. When you enter they have a lobby the size of most restaurants i normally eat at. There is an amazing waterfall that just sets the mood perfect ofcourse their attendants were upto the same standard. It was like being in a five star. The food was just exceptonal every dish my uncle ordered was amazing, dont know much about this place but will say that it is in a class of its own.

  • 5 Star
    Ina Goswami

    What was a must visit for me evertime  i went to bombay has now become a must visit for me in my own city, the food is just brilliant consistent in quality, generous in quantity, luxurious in variety. The dishes offered here are nothing like any other restaurant as they are all orignal recepies and and totally delicious. A Must visit...Oh all things bombay

  • 5 Star
    Priya Seghal

    SIMPLY DIVINE ! Kung pow chicken, hunan peppered prawns and olive fish....DIVINE !!!

  • 5 Star

    So obviously fantastic food beautiful ambience great service and best prices. Chinese doesnt get better then this place.

  • 5 Star
    Dhruv Narayan

    Had an Awesome Experience !! Will visit soon!! 
    Recommended to visit their Restaurant a must !! Must go if you want authentic stuff
     point of recommendation goes for Ambiance food, & overall dealing with customers was AAA 10/10
    Food lover

  • 5 Star

    So after hearing all this "china garden hype " i just had to visit to experience first hand for myself. Does it deserve its reputation ? Absolutely ! Everything i have heard about this place is true.. The staff are the warmest waiters in delhi, the ambience is rich and high end and the food..oh the food it is to die for ! Exceptional . Their Gin chicken balls were succulent and juicy, their hunan peppered chicken was tangy and spicy and the aromatic honey chicken ..man oh man was a thing to remember.

  • 5 Star

    One word outstanding !! Food and service is just outstanding. Celebrated my birthday here and could not have asked for more. The experience was amazing the staff really took good care of me and my guests and the food was delicious.

  • 5 Star

    Best Chinese place in south delhi. Food is just superb ambience and interiors are also amazing !

  • 5 Star
    Shalini Seghal

    Rated   So my birthday and My first visit tonight to this restaurant and i can clearly understand how and why they have managed to earn their reputation that they have today, the first thing one will notice is the immediate and highly rare politeness of all they staff who somehow effortlessly manage to go out of their way to welcome you. Then the interior design..it is exquisite !!!! Reds blacks greys and whites..i mean how can one gone wrong it is of the highest end. And finally the food well..The best !!!! Yes the best i simply have not come across such exquisite cuisine and i mean forget delhi and imagine india. The special Korean butter prawns were fantastic ! And that is for lack of a better word, the steam fish fillets in wine sauce was a great healthy option but without compromising on the exquisite taste. And their beef..oh my their soya chilli beef was ridiculously tender, juicy and almost perfect in flavour ! It is special to get great service not just from your waiter but the managers too but when it is accompanied by an intimate ambience and exquisite food and hospitality...it becomes special and is exactly what i feel about the  China Garden at Gk 2..SPECIAL !

  • 5 Star

    The food at this joint is just spectacular !!! had the most amazing barbecue roast pork and crispy sweet and sour chicken tonight Just unbelievable ! so happy to have found this place. Will be back really soon if not tomorrow only :)

  • 5 Star
    Sunanda Marwah

    Quality place with exceptional food and excellent service. It is friday night and this well known eatery is packed to the core, yet the food and services offered move along like clockwork. The staff are more then hospitable as the food arrives hot and on time. Every bite is more flavourful then the other. " original recipes " says the manager...on the tables lay cards that tell the story...Year after year the "best Chinese restaurant " . The buzz in the air is relaxed and non pretentious i look around and see myself surrounded by the rare delhi " educated " . As i pay my bill i realize that there is hope for qulaity in this city after all.

  • 5 Star

    Drove almost 1 and a half hours to get to this restaurant after hearing and reading so much about it. The experience was worth every minute of the drive. The food is out of this world and the decor is five star. My daughter enjoyed her self playing around the waterfalls. The staff are very well mannered and caring. This just adds to the entire experience. China garden is one outstanding restaurant.

  • 5 Star
    Andrea Muski

    Restaurant with great food,service and ambiance....went for lunch today n i think thisplace is outstanding ..will go againg next week:))

  • 5 Star
    Anshuman Rahi

    Have been eating here for almost ten years and till Date have yet to be disappointed ! The consistency of things at this restaurant is simply mind blowing.I really do not know how they do it for that reason alone i have rated it

    ******* Seven Star Food

    Have given this place Seven Stars simply because the food here is outstanding..even better then any Chinese restaurant in a five star hotel

    ***** Five star Service

    Have given Five stars for Service because the quality of service and care provided here can be compared to Most Five stars

    *** Three Star Prices

    Total value for money and the quality is uncompromised for 899 plus tax you get to eat as much as you like..simply Unbeatable !

  • 5 Star

    What a wonderful experience it was to visit this place today! Service... excellent! Ambience... beautiful! Food... aah... DEEEEELICIOUS! A delightful first visit! Am I coming back here..? Why ABSO-MUNCHIN-LUTELY!

  • 5 Star

    My favourite , peaking duck - must try ! Nice service but too expensive.

  • 5 Star

    Best chinese in town ...unlike other chinese restaurants i think china garden is very authentic when it comes to food and ambience ,,,it was my first visit to this restaurant and absolutely fell in love with the food....if u love chinese food then u must visit this restaurant .....

  • 5 Star
    Varun Bhel

    Amazing Food !!!! very nice place and Service also. Actually deserve the Best Chinese restaurant award.

  • 5 Star
    Kaizad G

    The food at china garden is probably the best example of evolved chinese food in India. The food is delicious and authentic in every way ..authentic calcutta chinese ! ( Chinese food prepared by chinese people who migrated to india ) not masala loaded punjaby chinese( there is a huge difference so be carefull to generalize) Must have is the Aromatic honey chicken, Tiger prawns, soya wine fish and the Aniseed pork ribs. Yum ! :)

  • 5 Star
    P Malik

    There are lots of people who consider this restaurant as the no 1 chinese restaurant in Delhi and i never understood why ..as I use to have many preconcieved notions about this place based upon a previous visit i had about five years ago...but after last night !!..all that has been put to rest. YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT TO ORDER ! I was taken to this restaurant by a friend from bombay who clearly knew his way around Cg's menu and have to admit..It was a fantastic meal! This is definatly one of the best chinese restaurants in Delhi. P.M

  • 5 Star

    Have to say, brilliant! Top quality, the Soya Chilly Fish was amazing along with the Star Aniseed Spare Ribs.
    Can't wait to go there again.
    Sorry Sanjana, but Mainland China doesn't stand a chance; China Garden is in a different league!

  • 5 Star

    Excellent taste, good service, beautiful ambiance. Must visit these place twice a week :)

  • 5 Star
    Rohit Arora

    My girlfriend and I decided to have lunch at China Garden after reading many reviews here..
    I must say that the food and service was impeccable ....I would like to thank all the reviers...must say that the food is outstanding ..you have to try the Gin Chicken and Chilly Smoked Prawns ...Would definitely go back to try some other things on the menu...

  • 5 Star
    Anand Joshi

    Rated   This restaurant is located in Gk2 M Block Market ( second half ) this market is fast becoming known for quality cafes and eating joints. China garden is one of the older, bigger and better known restaurants of the neighbor hood. As you walk into their lobby (the entire groung floor! Sizes of most restaurants) you well know that your entering a classy, high end place. Straight ahead lies a five feet, hand painted Chinese plate, on your left you are mesmerized with a floor to ceiling waterfall, Next to it an all glass staircase leading to the dining floors which at that point can only hope would be my stairs to culinary ecstasy....

    As I entered I was warmly greeted.. they register personal information as you enter "we like to know our guests" I was told. I happily comply. I am then escorted to the third floor by the elevator which opens to a floor that I can only best describe as open, airy, and classy! The decor is modern done in the most understated yet classy way.. as I walk to the table I am further greeted by a gentelmen who later took my order and served me. When presented with the menu the first thing you see is a page with never ending photos of this restaurants achievements.. best restaurant awards numerous times, most hygienic restaurant, etc etc.
    The menu is an extensive one and therefore your are best advised to go with their recommendations... I did! And here is my take on the whole thing..

    1) The Gin Chicken: crispy round balls of chicken marinated with gin, house spices and coriender recomended to be eaten with the lemon coriender table sauce.

    A juicy Beautifully balanced dish, a great innovation.

    2) Moo Goo Thong: a thick mushroom soup.

    Very nice to the point ..If you like mushrooms you wil like this

    3) Lou Spare Ribs : pork spare ribs marinated with chinese wine and chinese five spice twice cooked.

    This was amazing! The meat just fell off the ribs it was delicious.

    4) Fish Black Olives: sole fish fillet stir fried with chinese black olives and schezwan salt and pepper.

    You basically get three small fillets, it is de de boned and Divine.. It keeps you wanting more.

    Main course

    5) Butter Chilly Garlic Prawns: small rock prawns stir fried with butter chilly and garlic

    Tastes exactly as it sounds yummy buttery could have used a little more chilly..but all in all a good dish.

    6) Korean Fried Rice: fried rice with Korean kimchi vegetables.

    This rice was spicy..a little too much for me.

    7) Soya Wine Fish : opted for again sole fish fillet stir fry this time with soya wine and green chillies

    Again a divine dish. Cooked perfectly! Their seafood is amazing as you don't get a single hint/ smell of seafood

    8) Water chestnuts, Black Mushrooms, Snow Peas Dry Yellow Bean Stir Fry: yellow bean is like black bean but a little different its saltier more pungent.

    Fabulos dish..was well prepared and cooked perfectly! The snow peas was crunchy the mushrooms juicy and the waterchesnuts succlunt..all three combined togeter is a ingeneous dish.

    9) Lastly, the Chicken Dry Chinese Ginger Curry: basically this is a spicy dish best eaten with plain steamed rice..it is chciken cooked for hours in curry and ginger paste filtered right before serving it.

    This was a full flavoured dish and most recommended for delhiites . ..the subtle hints of ginger made this a dish unlike anything I have eaten.

    Conclusion :

    The food at china garden is a culinary journey! The menu is huge and is designed for everybody! You must be a true foodie with an open mind in order to enjoy the experience. The chefs at the restaurant truely are innovaters, chinese cooking methods applied to innovative recipies ...chances are you will be served dishes you have never heard of or read about.. the experience truly is unique! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for quality, unique food, and services. Thumbs up!

  • 5 Star

    Superb Food accompanied by Superb Service! These people know what they are doing. Well done !

  • 5 Star
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  • 5 Star

    I must say that i was shocked when i entered this restaurant. I am living in delhi for 25 years and i diddnt know that a standalone restaurant like this is existing. Amazing food and amazing ambience. I am really impressed Definately recomend for best chinese.

  • 5 Star

    great chinese fast food center.

  • 5 Star

    Wow ! some fantastic Chinese food. Really didn't expect this, especially in India. Simply delicious.

  • 5 Star
    Seerat Sindhu

    What amazing food and ambience. One of the few places in Delhi that serve authentic Chinese food. It's a little expensive, but the price paid is extremely worth it. The food is delicious and the service is impeccable.

  • 5 Star

    AMAZING FOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!totally worth every penny ....

  • 5 Star
    Pallavi Shetye

    Hi, This is Pallavi . whenever I come to Delhi my first preference is your Restaurant. I really like the food and the service . and most importantly to comment on zoomato is to appreciate the Manager his name is Barry who is very helpful and want to thanks him for making me and my guest evening great.
    keep it up !! Cheer!!

  • 5 Star

    It was my birthday and after reading about them in the papers i decided to take my close family and friends to this place in GK2 market. Quite frankly i was blown away with the ambience and food. The teppanyaki beef and pepper prawns were out of this world it was a near perfect experience. What made the night even more special was the amazing hospitality. The staff went out of their way to make my birthday special they even gave me complimentary honey noodles which by the way was the best i have ever had in the city. I am told that this place is regarded as the best Chinese restaurant in delhi. If that is the case then i must admit that the reputation is well earned and deserved.

  • 5 Star

    Just one word " AMAZING " the food and services at this posh restaurant is outstanding. Never had better !

  • 5 Star

    Amazing restaurant, yummy food and service. Ambience is also very classy and elegant.

  • 5 Star

    Fresh ! Delicious ! Sumptuous ! Are the best words to describe China Garden at GK2. They have been around for so many years and still they have maintained their high standards. Definitely one of the best Chinese restaurants in Delhi.

  • 5 Star
    Anupam Sharma

    Best place to have Chinese food. My favourite is Chicken Manchurian, Szehwan Chicken, Chilli Paneer and Fried Rice.

  • 5 Star

    Rocking Place !! Rocking food !! Rocking Service !! Everything rocking at china garden

  • 5 Star
    Kulwinder Singh

    Good food and ambience..loved it..will visit again in April...

    Thanks CG

  • 5 Star
    Sim Sim

    Amazing restaurant very classy place. This is a 5 star restaurant that serves exotic food. Love the menu and love the prices too the unlimited option is amazing ! Never had 5 plates of prawns and fish before..soo full yaarrrr

  • 5 Star

    Amazing food, luxury ambience, amazing service. Value for money !

  • 5 Star
    Asif Noori

    After hearing a lot about this place from friends and family I finally took my family and friends here to celebrate my sons Birthday. and i am so glad i did as we had the most amazing dinner tonight. Not only were we warmly welcomed and served graciously but the seeing that it was my childs birthday the staff and management went out of their way to make us feel special. They gracefully prepared some special dishes out of the menu  for the children and diddnt even charge us for it and at the end of the meal they gave us complimentary dessert which was dressed up with candles for my son to blow out. Now if this isnt rare comendable hospitality then i dont know what is. I am truely touched and grateful for the affection shown towards our occasion. THANK YOU China Garden. Asif Noori, your Fan.

  • 5 Star

    Superb food and superb services. One cannot ask for more from any restaurant. This place has always been without compromises and has maintained its quality and reputation over the years only disappointing thing is the market as during lunch times parking in this market is a huge mess.

  • 5 Star
    Puspa K

    If you are looking for the best chinese in town then look no further ! This is the place. Beautifully set up in the posh gk2 market this place occupies a whole building. The decor is very highclass and posh while the food is toooo gud and tasty. Must have their smoked prawns and dim sum fish. It was amazing !

  • 5 Star
    Rohit Handa

    Saturday dinner with the Mrs- Mrs happy, Me happy!

    A very grand entrance invites you to this lovely restaurant. We were seated in no time and given the menus. When asked for recommendations (as it was out first time here), the waiter had great product knowledge and was quite helpful.
    We ordered chicken dimsums to start off. They were very good. For mains, we had Shanghai chicken, Soya and wine chilly lamb, and haka noodles. Everything was great; fresh and full of flavour. Specially loved the lamb- perfectly cooked tender.
    Considering the ambiance, service, quality and quantity of food, this restaurant offers good value for money.
    Definitely going back for more!

    Food: A+
    Service: A+
    Ambiance: A

  • 5 Star
    Riya Mitra

    Rated   China Garden one of the most authentic Chinese restaurant in GK-II M block market. It offers a wide array of Chinese delicacies to satiate every taste buds.
    The ambiance is nice,classy interiors with wooden furniture, nice lightning. The service is fast and the staff were very warm,courteous and welcoming.
    The menu is diverse with plethora of choices from seafood,meat,poultry and vegetarian courses.
    We ordered for "Hakka dry fish" as starters and "Teppan soba noodles" and "Four seasons golden prawns in orange sauce" with a couple of  cocktails.The Hakka dry fish was delectable,perfectly cooked basa fish with the right condiments.The noodle was nice and went well with the main course. The prawn main course was nice,the sauce being a little too sweet.The main course was accompanied with salads,and a variety of delectable dips. The Kir royale cocktail was really great.
    Overall,we all had a great dining experience.
    Definitely recommended to all foodies.
    Life is a beautiful journey..Live it well..


  • 5 Star
    Simar Sawhney

    Normally people always say not worth the hype but this place not only matches but exceeds all the hype. To begin with is the amazing 7 star type decor and ambience you just cannot walk padt and not notice it. Second comes the extremely professional and welcoming service you just have yo appreciate it and ladtly the outstanding and unique food you just have to applaud it. Their menu is nothing like any other chinese place and that is what all the hype is about...delicious and delicate preparations. Worth their reputation and the hype !

  • 5 Star
    Anubhav Mittal

    Have been to this amazing place more than 100 times now. Delicious Mouth Watering Food always. Excellent Service, Friendly Nature of Waiters & Managers, Glazing China Ambience and great great great Menu. If you really wanna have Chinese in Delhi then don't skip this at all. And yes do try their Fish with Hunan Sauce.

  • 5 Star

    If you thought that the Connought Place outlet was good then think again because Their ( first ) GK outlet in Delhi is just AMAZING ! This is by far the best chinese standalone restaurant in the city. Ten points for service and Ten points for orignality of food. Their dishes are so different then the regular stuff you get. One must try their soya wine fish, sapo chicken, and korean chilly prawns. Just out of this world.

  • 5 Star

    Been here twice for lunch as well as dinner. When you enter, they have a very nice and calm ambience honestly I loved it by the first look. If you're looking for authentic chinese this is definitely a place you'll visit again and again. I tried their soups, although they have unique names but the common name is written along thankfully! Chicken n Mushroom soup and Veg Manchow being the best of the lot. Then for starters tried Garlic n Butter fish and fell in love with the preparation, which is smooth and like melts in your mouth. Chilli prawns also being a bigggg hit! In veg Aromatic Vegetables are amazing as well.
    For the main course I recommend their Sa- Po Fish as well as Chicken that's the best part of tour experience here, comes with a flame at the bottom and is served extra hot. This thing is to die for and I mean it.
    Singapore noodles are great as well.
    Ambience- 5/5
    Value for money-4-5/5
    Recommended- MOST DEFINITELY YES!

  • 5 Star

    Rated   Every time I eat at this Restaurant the food just gets better and better. Spent the First day of the new year at China Garden GK2 and had a memorable meal. The salt and pepper prawns were outstanding and so were the string beans with diced chicken but what especially stood out for me was the young chu fried rice..it was simply delicious !

    ----- 28 Aug, 2012 -----
    This is a restaurant that is originally from Bombay, the owner is Mr Nelson Wang, who is Chinese and most credit him for the success of Chinese food in India. I have to say that Whilst I have eaten at the Bombay branch several times.. Despite being in Delhi for over a year now..This was my first visit and as expected it was AWESOME! Simply put it was refreshing to go to a restaurant run by professionals. With so many restaurant opening in the city.. professional ones are far and few. For most restauranters these days its about the number of branches and " getting a chef " very few actually look into the quality and consistency of things. China Garden GK 2 is one of them. When you walk in you see the tables chairs crockery cutlery all aligned..the staff all speak English! Believe me in DELHI that's a big deal! They are all well trained educated and best of all they recommend the right dishes for you .. I mean I had seriously the most amazing meal..The Stir Fried Chicken Yellow Bean is so yum ! also the prawn dish that comes with all these chilies is a must try! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for Quality .. be ready to spend though because whilst its not expensive it isn't cheap either.. it well worth it though :)

  • 5 Star
    Karan Singh

    One of the most outstanding chinese places to visit in the city. This place has been around for the longest time it seems and never disappoiints. Their decor and ambience is upscale and their food is outstanding must trys are their soya wine and chilly fish, smoked chilly prawns, bacon beef, bavon wrapped prawns and their egg fried rice.

  • 5 Star
    Pratab Gurung

    Really amazing restaurant and decor looks like a five star hotel. Waiters are very nice and helpful and food is really outstanding. Table setup is very nice and lighting is very rich and gives expensive feeling. Place is a little costly but for the food and ambience it is very well worth it. Really impressed.

  • 5 Star

    Rated   Every family has their one favourite Chinese restaurant, which is the chosen destination for majority of the family dinners. "China Garden" is undoubtably the go-to place for all my family dinners, and we don't just go there out of habit, our million (ok I am exaggerating but they are definitely close to 50 :p) visits to this restaurant are completely attributable to their impeccable service, consistency in taste and the vast variety of delectable dishes.

    In my many visits spread over the past few years, I can not recall even a single bad or below average experience at this restaurant, and a special mention must be made for the staff, they explain each and every dish on the menu in great detail and are more than happy to customize or spruce up a dish for you as per your taste. Infact, so great is their customer service, that even as I was writing this review, I got a call from the restaurant enquiring about my dining experience last night.

    Although, each dish here is a must try but I am listing down some of my favourites for you, I am aplogizing in advance for the limited number of pictures (I am usually so busy devouring the food at this restaurant that I somehow get lost in it :p)

    1. Crispy Schezwan Chicken: A deep fried chicken dish coated with some amazing spicy schezwan sauce.

    2. Santung Vegetables: Their version of the crispy vegetables cooked with wok-tossed spring onions.

    3. Sapo Chicken or Fish: This is definitely the best main course dish at this restaurant, I love the way its served on a flaming dish. Beware, this is only recommended for those with a spicy tastebud.

    4. Hakka Chicken: Although it forms part of their main course menu, but it happens to be a dry dish, it has the right mix of pepper and chilly and its cooked to perfection.

    5. Ginger fried rice: I would usually not give this one a special mention coz the general premise is that the rice/noodles are just add-ons or support dishes in a chinese meal. This one is definitely an exception to the rule, the quality of rice served at China Garden are so rich and tasty that it takes your dining experience to another level, and the flavour of ginger is omnipresent in this particular dish.

    6. Vegetables in yellow/black bean sauce: For the veggie lovers, this one is an excellent option.

    This review will not be complete without mentioning the divine Chocolate mousse served at this restaurant (I believe it is supplied from an external source), no matter how satisfied you may be feeling after a meal here, you must must order this dessert (preferable with a scoop of vanilla icecream or some whipped cream)!!!


  • 5 Star

    Ia am a regular visitor at china garden GK2. I also make it a point to visit the first branch every time i am in Bombay. The food is just outstanding. The menu is like no other typical Chinese restaurant. The menu is totally original and full of innovative dishes. My recent visit in 2014 as usual was outstanding. Exquisite food with friendly service. I could not ask for more. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

    ----- 19 Mar, 2013 -----
    For me it is Moti Mahal for indian and China Garden for Chinese. There is something about their food that is very very addicting. I have to eat here at least twice a month or else I get withdrawals. Their gin chicken and steamed Dimsum fish is to die for. Yum :)

  • 5 Star

    I must have visited this place at least twenty times in the past three years and what really gets me is that not once and i mean once has this place ever disappointed me. The food is not the typical punjabi Chinese, it is fresh, innovative and original. The must haves are the teppanyaki beef, barbeque roast pork, aromatic honey chicken, spar ribs and their Korean fried rice. The food is ridiculously tasty. I dont know but i would think that it would take a lot of effort for a restaurant this old to maintain the standard like they have over all the years. For the flavour, decor, service and most importantly the consistency not just here but also at their new cp branch i rate this place 5 stars. This is by far the best Chinese restaurant in Gk2 and definitely in my top three in Delhi.

  • 5 Star
    Georgina Das

    Have been here on many occasions both for lunch and dinner. Would go again and again. Tried other Chinese restaurants but this is the best overall.

  • 5 Star
    Aakshey Talwar

    Some of the finest chinese in the city. Not at the level of House of Ming. Not even close. But excellent for the price. Excellent. One of the only places serving mock meat. And that too good mock meat. Their noodles are easily above average. Lots of variety for veg and non veg. The serving size is small, and the prices are on the higher side, but compared to what you get, it easily deserves a full 5.

  • 5 Star

    The decor and service as expected is definately up there at the quality of hotels. While the food is better then the best hotels. We tried the smoked chilly prawns, basket fish, fortune rice and their kung pow chicken. The food was exceptionally good. Everything was served not and with a smile. 5 stars.

  • 5 Star
    Monalisa Biswas

    Had been to China Garden for lunch with colleagues in 2011. Great place to relish Chinese cuisines. It's a lovely restaurant with relaxed ambiance where you can dine in peacefully.

  • 5 Star

    This restaurant is the benchmark for chinese cuisine. They have been around for years and years and they have maintained the quality of food along with their amazing and timeless ambience and professional service. This is definately still one of the best chinese restaurants in the City.

  • 5 Star

    Very few restaurant chains are able to maintain a high quality of their food and service but the China Garden does an exceptional job at this. Their food is brillianly unique and very different from the run of the mill restaurants. Their decor is exquisite..warm, elegant and refreshing. And their service is the best..warm and welcoming as it should be as this is so rare in this city. Recomendations would be to try their smoked chilly prawns, soya wine fish, chow chow prawns and teppanyaki noodles.

  • 5 Star

    Have to keep going back to this place for their kung pow prawns and special peppered prawns. It is definately addictive as i keep crabing for it somehow. The decor and ambience as the other branch is very upscale service is quick and efficient..food is always served super Hot and delicious.

  • 5 Star
    N Rana

    Exceptional..And that is for lack of a better word. I can tell you one thing the hospitality, the service and especially the food received at this restaurant will keep you up writing reviews late in the night. Their gin chicken, crispy aromatic chicken, smoked chilly prawns and their soya wine beef with chilly is uniquely divine.

  • 5 Star

    This is the king of chinese food. One cannot go wrong by visiting here. You can also expect the best food and services as they ar of the highest quality and taste.

  • 5 Star

    Visted their new CP branch recently didnt know they had so many while that was an excellent experience this will still be my favourite and this branch is above excellent. Fantastic food fantastic and professional services that leaves nothing else. Must try bacon wrapped prawns with their lemon corriander and soya garlic sauce. Yummmm

  • 5 Star
    Abhishek Majumder

    Excellent food and very helpful staff who took special care to guide us in selecting the right combination of main course and side dishes. Great experience.

  • 5 Star
    Anand Vanshi

    Was fortunate enough to again visit this place with family last night and must say that we had an exceptionally great evening. If you havent visited this place before please make a reservation especially on weekends as they get very crowded. The food tastewise and both presentationwise was just exceptional. My wife eats healthy and loved their steamed fish fillets in soya wine and ginger. I loved their korean fried rice and especially loved their sapo chicken which was perfectly spicy and pungent at the same time. For great serbice and exceptional food 5 stars.

  • 5 Star

    We recently had our year end closing party year and it was just brilliant. The quality of food was just amazing. We were 30 of us and had an amazing evening. Great music great service and really fantastic food. Their prawns are out of this world ! The best chinese restaurant i have even been to.

  • 5 Star
    Nitin Singh

    Best Chinese restaurant in south Delhi. This place always satisfies my urges to try something different. Food is par excellent..menu is huge and exhaustive filled with original goodies. service is good.

  • 5 Star
    Abhijeet Singh

    I've top rated this epic restaurant as I'm a prawn lover & this beautiful wonderful restaurant offers at least 18 varieties in all kinds of Oriental palette...it was my first visit here & I'm surely going to b visiting here for all different kinds of prawn dishes..really amazing chilly garlic prawns & prawns in Korean curry...must try for prawn lovers...you won't b disappointed & will surely keep coming back for more...amazing service combined with superb ambience (ground floor is purely decorative with the restaurant being on the 1st floor) ensure that all your senses are heightened & satiated! Happy eating!

  • Thenpaymore

    This place rocks !! From the time you enter to the time you leave..everything is perfect..the ambience, service and especially the food.

  • Sakshi Kapoor

    Loved it mmm! This restaurant defines what authentic Chinese tastes like. Sumptuous and vibrant dishes, good servings and great ambience. Perfect for a light dinner any day!

  • Aditya Agarwal

    One of the best Chinese restaurants in the neighbourhood. The ones nearby are a shame compared to this. I absolutely love the noodles, crispy lotus stem and kung Pao potatoes. The dim sums are good too. Has become my favourite home delivered Chinese food recently.

  • Kuldeep Wasan

    Delicious ! This restaurant is built like a five star hotel yet it is priced lower then most stand alone restaurants, it is actually quite impressive. The food is Most delicious and the service is prompt yet friendly. The dishes that stood out for me were smoked chilly prawns, the butter pepper crab meat and the soy and wine beef. This is a Top end restaurant and I highly recommend it.

  • Atreyi Haldar

    Good ambience and great food. China garden never fails to impress. Poultry dishes are better than the seafood dishes, although the 'Hoisin Thong' soup is quite good. The 'corn cream' and the chicken fried with dried red chillies is a must try. Recomended faster than one can say 'chinese'.

  • Kartik Malhotra

    I love the ambience of this place. food is gr8 as well. they are ture to thier upmarket feel


    China Garden was suggested as a party venue. It was a pre weddind "Feast" and one that exceeded all expectations. With nearly 30 of us in the party the best option was to consult the Chef. Everyones favorites were taken into consideration and after much deliberation the order as suggested by Chef was taken. Starting with a selection of Dim Sums, soups and a variety of starters the main course was eagerly awaited. The "Preview" offerings were all very scrumptious and well made and presented. The main course had a selection of Prawn,Lobsters,Chicken and Pork. The Spare ribs were simply great as were the crab and lobster . From hot and spicy to subtle sweetness the food was generally raved about. Excellent service, and the Chefs reccomendations were highly applauded. A great meal and a grand venue.  The ambience is very attractive and finely decorated &. seating is comfy. You wont be disappointed and certainly one of the Top Oriental eateries in town.

  • Shivangi Rajendran

    Rated   Old School | Brilliant Food | the best Caramel Custard in Delhi

    The place was brimming with families out for dinner; this review is clouded by warm childhood memories of big family dinners. I’m not from Delhi and this was my first time at China Garden. They have a vast menu and everything is available. The food leaves the kitchen with a lot of love.

    <3 Soup | Barbeque Chicken Wonton Thong with Pork

    Perfectly comforting bowl on a chilly Holi evening, with pork on the side as one of my friends wasn’t eating pork and we were sharing a bowl.


    Butter Chilly Garlic Crab Meat - delicious, the steamed bread it came with perfect to mop up every last bit of buttery goodness.

    <3 Steak Meat Squab - A fun DIY lettuce wrap with perfectly flavored minced steak and crispies. The soy-honey sauce it comes with is Yumm.

    Aromatic Honey Smoked Steak - Great meat; but this one was slightly too sweet and came with sugar granules, which was dampener. At their prices, I’m sure they could manage with just honey.

    Teppanyaki Steak - Pretty good.

    <3 Dessert | Caramel Custard

    This was the unexpected winner of the evening. Just bloody brilliant, everything a caramel custard ought to be; reminded me of my mum’s! Smooth and ever so slightly bitter, with the perfect amount of caramelly syrup on the side! In a time when nobody cares about caramel custard any more, this is a MUST TRY.

    A meal for 3 hungry people cost us just short of 4000 INR.

  • Ankush Mohanty

    Rated   All the hue and cry about this place is worth it.

    Spacious. Check

    Courteous Staff. Check

    To the point service. Check

    Delectable Food. Super Check

    The option of ordering anything from the menu is mind boggling and that too from an exhaustive menu of China Garden can be even nerve wracking.

    Yes, they have the option of sit in buffet wherein you can order any dish you want from the various sections depending upon the number of people you are.

    As we were 3 of us, we could order 3 different soups + 5 dishes + 3 portions of dessert (date pancakes with vanilla ice cream). And the 5 dishes could be of any combination such as 2 appetizers and 3 main course or even 1 appetizer and 4 main course dishes.

    We started with honey chilly crispy fried chicken and prawn pot stickers. The chicken was crispy to the T and it was glazed with honey with just the right amount to give the entire dish a much needed zing.

    The pot stickers had lovely caramelization on them. The prawn stuffing was quite filling. They served the stickers with mustard sauce. I didn't get the taste which they were trying to promote here.

    For the main course, vegetable fried rice was good as the rice was not al dente as it is in most of the Chinese restaurants. The side dish was chicken in hot garlic sauce. It was yummm. The chicken was soft and succulent. It was spicy but not crazy spicy which would involve drinking lots of fluids along side.

    I was gobbling up the food as quickly as possible so that I could lay my hands on the date pancakes.

    And although they took some time coming to me but when they came, I forgot about everything else and just dived right into them. In the process, I burnt my tongue as well since the filling inside the pastry was brimming hot.

    As for the pastry, it was flaky and light and the layer of sesame seeds added saltiness to the dish. IF you think you would not require the vanilla ice cream then you are wrong as after a mouthful of date filling, the ice cream comes to the rescue and balances that sweetness.

    The wait staff is courteous and they gave you ample time to decide the dishes since one has go through their vast menu. The only delay was for getting the date pancakes which stretched a little but at the end it was worth it.

    It was a superb ending to a superb meal.

  • Kartik

    Food is mouth watering ! Amazingly fresh and succulent. The service is friendly and above average. Ambience is upmarket. Definite winner.

  • Abhijeet Daga

    the place was a bit difficult to locate but once we saw angrezi dhaba,we got to see the restraunt and trust me,you wont know anything about it from the outside.the lobby and reception is something to look upto.the dim lights,the themed sculptures,as well the dining area were totally marvellous.now coming to food,towards the appetizers...we had sweetcorn and hot n sour soup.....sweetcorn soup needed some additions from the table but the other one was just fine.then we had the starters...veg rolls and honey chilli potato...which were just crisp n delicious.I dint like the noodles and the Manchurian which I expected to be upto the mark,instead they were not.the noodles were undercooked n weren't as flavorsome as we expected.and the Manchurian had smokey seasoning.apart from the so called main course I had,everything seemed to be kinda good.to the addition the service was pretty slow,that too when there wasn't any rush there,but the staff was decent

  • Mohit Behl

    I remember about china garden I gone there to celebrate my birthday in 2010 here with my childhood frinds whom I meet after 13 yrs n then we rejoin each other after so long as we enter there is very nice decor on the ground floor then after as we go to the restaurant on the top floor as we enter also wel decor as we enter to china such a lovely decor n food is gud n normal yes proper Chinese food well presented but rates are bit high according to the food n we spend almost 2 hrs plus

  • Fatbelly

    This is my favpuritie chinese restaurant in South Delhi. You always know what to expect. Amazing food and always consistent. Service is also very fast and attentive. Pricewise it is good value for what it is.

  • Harshita Puri

    Beautiful décor this place has quite different and very quiet so soothing. Feels amazing every time you visit the place and the staff welcomes you with so much courtesy. Food was also very good like pepper chicken, Yellow or black bean chicken stir-fried. They serve the best chicken dishes and m the biggest chicken fan. One thing is for sure the Chinese food flavors are so unique and unforgettable.

  • Bharat Prasad

    The 'KNOWN FOR' section describes this place in the most appropriate and perfect words.

    Ambiance: The lobby that looks like a really sophisticated restaurant and the classy chic ambiance with red, black & gold, complemented by the semi dim bright lighting make this place perfect for Chinese gastronomical experience.

    Staff & Service: The staff is very courteous and attentive. Prompt service just added on to the delightful experience altogether. The staff lead had good knowledge of the menu and suggested us some really delicious dishes.

    Food: What I loved the most was the Sapo Suek Cham and could have loads of it.

    Would definitely visit this place again in future for some good culinary experiences.

  • Rishi Srivastava

    The ambience of this place is second to none.
    the seating is fabulous.
    food is amazing.
    relativelly cheap as compared to mainland china.
    prawns and pan fried noodles are the best bets.
    qauntity is more than their counterparts.
    expect a bill of around of 3000 (for a family of 4) 

    taste 4-5
    value for money 4-5
    overall 4-5

  • Samit Basu

    So old school. Reminds me of classic Calcutta Chinese places. Everything is good, work your way through the menu. Peking duck, wine chili pork are great

  • Preeta Bhanot Dutta

    Amazing food. amazing ambience. amazing choice of drinks.. overall an amazing experience..their seafood is simply awesome.staff is eager to help..

  • Bharat Mehta

    We just went to this place for a quiet lunch. As you enter, you feel a considerable difference in the hospitality from other places, which is good.
    We ordered a recommended "Sa Po Fish" as starters. To be honest, we were just planning to have some starters because we were not very hungry. But the fish! It was WOW! It was so soft that I did not use anything else but my fork. And then we had to try some more.
    The second course, we ordered was "Soya and Wine Chilli fish" with some chinese fried rice, which was yet again amazing!
    I would recommend this place for such amazing fish, probably one of the best I've had!
    Cheers :)

  • Manan Bhutani

    Great place for a family dinner. The food is awesome and the music is really good.

    Would have a given a 4, but an extra 0.5 just for the awesome Guns n Roses covers they were playing that day.  :)

  • Gaurav Sahil Grover

    Yummy in my tummy ! Great food and then some more great food ! :)

  • Salil

    This chinese restaurant is an obvious choice for chinese in South Delhi. Reservations are highly recomended as this place get really really busy at dinner time. The pleasant chaos reminds me of the busy buzz that you get in the restaurants in Hong Kong. The dishes are very innovative and delicious, they are unlike any other chinese restaurant. Price wise it is great value for money. If you love food like me then opt for the unlimited a la carte. For 899 plus taxes you get to eat as much as you like ..a la carte ! The dishes come hot and fresh to your table and includes seafood i highly recomend the chow chu prawns, crispy honey chicken, spare ribs and the soya wine fish ! Hmmm ( mouth is again watering :)

  • Rachit Agarwal

    For amazing Chinese cuisine, this is a place to be. Great food, great ambience, great service. Should try honey crispy veg & Cantonese noodles.

  • Sumeet Rewari

    Super food. Chilly wine siya fish ti due for. Great choices in pork (loved both the roast and fried kind. Dimsums disappointed me a little. Have been here n number of times. Always try something new.. Never been disappointed.. Nice ambiance too..

  • Sakshi Ahuja

    Nice ambience nice sittings nice crowd
    Quick service
    Tasty food !!
    We ordered manchurian hot and sour soup springrolls honeychilli potato
    All was soo yumm...
    One shud visit it once !!

  • Sonal Wahi

    Rated   Perfect restaurant for a nice classy dinner. I have been to this place many times but The entrance still wows me every time. it is not just like but better then even a five star hotel. The ambience is very classy and the lighting is almost perfect. As you sit down you will notice the customized table cloth and napkins with China Garden embroidery. The colour scheme is red black and grey every thing is designed in an understated classy manner. The waiters are all very educated and trained. The food is delicious and tasty until the last bite. Full of flavour is the best way to describe the dishes. Price-wise it real value for money totally worth every penny. I have been here enough times to say that China garden is amongst the best of the best. It is the best example of old world hospitality. Restaurants like these are rare and hard to find these days. Both thumbs up. And thank you China Garden ..for the cake and wonderful wishes :)

    ----- 17 Mar, 2013 -----
    Amazing Restaurant..very Classy decor classy people and Amazing food Best Chinese in Delhi

  • Zaveri

    This restaurant has been around for the longest time and is still at the very top level. The food and services offered here are without compromise. One can always be assured of quality. Best place for entertaining visiting guest or family dinners.

  • Lovegreatfood

    Very rarely do we dine and have an experience that can be considered perfect. But my dinner at china garden Gk2 on sunday the 17th of august came pretty darn close. The beginning wasn't very promising as they made us wait about ten minutes for our table but once we got our table is when the magic really began. The atmosphere is very rich as you are surrounded by expensive collectable safely hidden behind bullet proof glass...on the walls warm shades of grey and red and on the ceiling the amazing hung lights that created a very rich ambience. We ordered for some chow chu prawns, loo spare ribs and their steamed fish balls. The food was exceptional ! Deep complex flavours, different is the best way to describe it. Good ambience, great friends and exceptional food..What better way then to end a weekend than this.

  • Rahul Sen

    Nice food & good Service, great Ambience feel like outstanding restaurant. Last week , we had dinner in China Garden, extremely great specially prawns, whole fish, nice recommendations by captain. Nice  nice

  • Monty

    Was invited to this posh place for a birthday dinner on a tuesday night. Surprising the place was full of elite crowd. The decor is definately upscale, enought to even smae some five stars. The food matches the decor. Very different food, exquisite tastes and presentation. Thies crispy amomatic duck was excellent so so was their whole fish fillet in chinese wine sauce. The service  is a bit confusing and erratic but the food and decor makes up for it. This is  One of the best chinese restaurants that i have been to in Delhi.

  • Priya

    Recently visited this place for a celebration dinner. Brilliant food and unmatchable service. The decor was also quite shocking for a stand alone place and this restaurant occupies a whole building. The butter prawns and smoked chicken was just outstanding ! Also must mention their crispy aromatic duck which is served with plum sauce. And some rolls. Just perfect !!

  • Parol Bani

    This restaurant is considered No 1 for a reason. They always deliver what one expects. Be it service or their sumptuous food one can never be disappointed. The decor is very upscale unlike most casual eateries today and the food is so different then what one might get at the average Chinese cafes or restaurants. Definitely worth going again and again especially if you are entertaining to impress.

  • Kanika

    Delicious lunch and delightful service. No complaints here. Was my all time favourite and still is.

  • Cynthia

    This is one Exceptional chinese restaurant. Without a doubt the best in the area. The food is just sumptious. Great attention to quality is given to everything like the decor, cleanliness, ambience, service and especially the food quality. And all this at a reasonable price. If you have big appetities for food and wine then do opt for their unlimited beer and wine package. It is the best value for money deal out there.

  • Rahulsaxena

    This place is a perfect example of a classic high end restaurant. It is perfect for a great chinese meal. The menu offered here is very different then the other restaurants. We were told that they are all inhouse recepies. They items we ordered was delicious in taste and also sufficient in quantity. The interiors of the place are done up really well. The lighting is quite oerfect as it is nit dim but not bright either. The colours used are greayblack and red which we found very soothing. This olace is well worth visiting when looking for a quality restaurant.

  • Rupinder Singh

    Here's an experience that best describes China Garden. My friend was observing Navratras, a period when he doesn't eat non-vegetarian food, and somehow we found ourselves at this place. We ordered a simple fare - Veg hakka noodles and veg manchurian. What should have been a mundane experiment with vegetarian food during Navratras turned out to be a culinary delight as we never put our fork down once we started. There was magic in the manchurian, and I made a special mention of the same to the manager, who told me that the place traces its ownership back to Nelson Wang, the genius who pioneered the manchurian in India.

    And although the bill was on the higher side, it was an appropriate example of the statement that quality comes at a price.

    If you have guests you'd like to entertain for the ambience, the food, and the experience, and if you're willing to spend a bit more than your normal Chinese cuisine budget, I'd highly recommend China Garden.

  • Raahul Chiranjit Sen

    A big competitor to Mainland China but China Garden what it excels in is decor and finishing. They know where to hit you and when definitely! Price a bit pinching but yes totally worth every penny! Quality/ food? You'll come back again or order soon at home! Yes you'll.

  • Sakal Oberoi

    Been here a few times.
    Great place awesome food, for me the best Chinese food in Delhi.
    Staff is well mannered and service is really good.????

  • Shreya Shaurya

    If you're looking for great food with authentic flavour, super good service and an awesome ambience - head to this place!Precisely the reason that brings me back here. Sui mai dimsum and vegetables in black bean sauce are a must try!

  • Abhay

    Aromatic honey chicken, kung pow prawns, and smoked fish. Just divine ! Anyone visiting a china garden must try these dishes. If you have a big appetite they have an all you can eat lunch offer which is totally Addicting.

  • Similar Mathur

    Had the most delicious dinner tonight at the china garden at Gk2 the fish was cooked so perfectly ..I can honestly say that I have never had better. The beef was so tender we had to repeat our order. Visit this restaurant if you love food to perfection because that is what this place stands for. All thumbs up !

  • PSEN

    R o c k i n G ! Thats all i have to say :)

  • Ninashah

    Visited this amazing place last night. It was a tuesday and this place was rocking. We had barbecue pork, mixed yang Chou fried rice, the smoked chilly chicken and the soya wine fish. I must say that despite the restaurant being full the food and service was exceptional, the item to mention here was the barbeque pork..it was absolutely lean and amazingly flavourful. Highly recommend this place for any foodies out there.

  • Palak Khosla

    Amazing food... Love the place... great ambience... A must visit for everyone

  • Mesohungry

    Some advice... make a reservation !!! This place is toooo crowded as People from all over delhi drive down to eat here. The food is amazing ! The menu is original and very different from other typical Chinese restaurants. I must say the chef is very creative. The staff are also very nice and friendly and formal which is great to see these dayss. I must appreciate them for that .

    ----- 15 Mar, 2013 -----
    I recently happened to be in GK 2. I love Chinese food so thought will visit china garden after hearing about it from some friends of mine.

    It is indeed a lovely place, specially if you love Chinese food. We tried our hands on soya wine chilly fish and much more..

    I would surely visit this place again. I was full, yet craved for more.. Would want to visit again and try some more dishes which i couldn't this time..

    Thanks china garden

  • Manik Godhwani

    Awesome awesome awesome !
    Loved the ambience..the taste..the service l

  • Imaan Chimni

    Amazing food and service the menu have amazing options and really tasty food ambience is nice overall everything was superb

  • Saubhadra Chatterji

    On Tuesday, I paid my fourth visit to CG, GK II and as usual, found the food to be awesome. I specially liked the prawn with smoked chilli and then moved on to my other fave-- pork spare ribs. Now that CG has started an unlimited a la carte, the place is a great value for money. I had taken my wife to other fine dine restaurants like royal china and mainland china, but she too, finds CG as her favourite. the drinks, however, remain very expensive and they need to something about happy hours.

  • Balvinder Kaur

    One word for this place...awesome. Everything...be it food,ambience,service... Was up to the mark. It's an experience in itself. Must visit for true Chinese lovers.

  • Kelly Singh

    Good service, Excellent food ! this place is simple yet elegant..non pretentious with focus only on the food just as should be. Highly recommend the steamed dim sum fish and butter chilly prawns.

  • Hungry For More

    This place is the standard for chinese food in the city. They have the freshest and tastiest seafood in delhi ( especially the prawns ) the ambience is 5 star and the service is 7 star. One simply cannot go wrong dining here especially when you consider their pricing...which is just amazing value.

  • Nidhi Go

    This is the best chinese restaurant this side of town. Whenever i am looking to celebrate a special occasion this is the place for me and my friends and family. I must have celebrated 3 birthdays here already. You know what you are gling to get and it is always delicious.

  • Neerav

    Just had an amazing lunch..opted for their unlimited offer. We had smoked prawns, asparagus soup, soya wine beef, Teppan noodles olive fish and their kung pow chicken. I can honestly say that this is by far the best offer in town in terms of quality and price. This restaurant has always been known for its high quality and value. We paid 899 plus taxes but ate food worth Rs 8000 :) the food comes unlimited and unlike a buffet it is made a la carte and served hot. In short an amazing experience highly recommend

  • Keelansnow@gmail.com

    Had an amazing dinner after a very long time. From the food to the staff and the atmosphere it is all a class apart. No compromises what so ever. This place has just completed ten years in delhi and has become an institution for Chinese food. My long time favourite and will always be.

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    Awesome food and service - try any dim sum you'll love it

  • Jana

    The food is too good. Amazing flavours and amazing portion sizes.

  • Radhika Chadha

    I think there are very few places left in Delhi who still specialize in chinese cuisine (Italian is the new Indian). I absolutely loved the place the moment I entered. The ambiance: just enough oriental and comfortable; staff: very helpful, especially the manager; food: 10/10, we preferred the buffet system in which we can order about 5 varieties+soup+desert. the starters: crispy veggies in schezwan very amazing, I especially complimented the chef for the way he served them, they were genuinely crispy n hot (unlike most places who serve crispy veggies salt n pepper). The veg fried wontons were prepared well too, a little oily though. I had monchow soup n it was decent. crispy lotus stem in schezwan were again excellent preparation. The main course was decent too, however the cherry on the cake was date pancakes with ice cream. Overall, I was superbly satisfied. I won't deny that its a bit expensive, but i think its worth it !!!

  • 5 Star

    China garden has been a family favourite since many many years now, they have alwasy maintaied a high standard of food and service, would love to see the menu evolve a little bit. they had previously opened a bar in their basement which has now closed but the decor and the service of the restaurant will remind you of a 90s fine dine asian restaurant.

  • 5 Star

    I went out with my family for some shopping at CP and was feeling hungry. Family members wanted to eat Chinese and to our surprise we found a new outlet of China Garden and what an experience it was. Economically priced Menu with warm and courteous service and excellent food. In fact I really didn't had an authentic Chinese experience lately but i must salute the Chef and the Owners for serving such authentic cuisine which probably you only might get in China. Personally met and thanked their operations head Mr. Raminder who is actually doing a great job. Thanks to the Team of China Garden.