China Garden Greater Kailash Part 2
Most awarded Chinese Restaurant - China Garden | Greater Kailash II


About Us

To thousands of loyal fans all over India and the world, Nelson Wang needs no introduction. Acknowledged leader of rare and dwindling breed of original Chinese Master Chefs, he has established great Chinese cooking as a legitimate form. The restaurant he has created - China Garden - has earned a reputation wherever gourmets gather worldwide. His cuisine has been praised in The New York Times and China Garden was voted as one of the best restaurants in Asia from amongst establishments surveyed in 80 cities in 23 countries.

Official recognition for the unmatchable standards of cuisines service and hygiene has been accorded to China Garden by the highest authority - The Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India for the best restaurant. China Garden was also adjudged 11 times as 'The Best Restaurant' by H&F.S. It was also adjudged as 'The cleanest & Most Hygienic Restaurant' in the country. The Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industry - Madrid has chosen China Garden as the most outstanding establishment and awarded it 'The Gold Trophy'. Nelson Wang has been awarded the outstanding Citizen Award by the International Peace and Goodwill Foundation of India. In 2006 he was bestowed the "Life Time Achievement Award" by Savvy F&B for his contribution to restaurant business in Mumbai.

Nelson Wang's two sons, Edward and Henry have now joined him after graduating in Hotel & Food Management from reputed institutions in North America and Switzerland. With this China Garden has decided to spread its wings to other cities in India.

Nelson Wang started his career as a chef with a vast repertoire of culinary delights which made him famous all over India and abroad. He now reverts to what he enjoys the most, establishing "Satellite Kitchens" where he will use all his talents to research and create mother sauces. This will improve and establish a very high standard of oriental cuisine, uniform quality and consistency in all China Garden Restaurants all over India.

The menu you are about to sample represents the best, the most generous culling of many years of hard-earned experience and experimentation. You will find a rare democracy in range and source - from South East Asia to far East Cuisine -freshly inspired and contemporary. There are no short cuts in Nelson Wang's repertoire. Only the truly authentic, the freshest, the finest dishes, grace China Garden's tables. China Garden brings together a splendid orchestration of more than 300 recipes, each an original Wang creation.

Bon Appétit! Or as the Chinese say, Ho Sat!